What is MEAN stack and why is it popular?

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  • On June 26, 2018


What is MEAN stack and why is it popular?

Nowadays, JavaScript is getting more and more popular. It’s one of the most popular languages for web developers, and it’s almost the “must have” skills that most of the employers are craving for.


What’s the relationship between JavaScript and MEAN stack?

As for MEAN stack, it is an open-source JavaScript software stack.  “MEAN” is a acronym of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js, all these components support JavaScript-written programs.

  • MongoDB: It is a free and open-source database program. It is classified as an NoSQL database system.  The benefits of its architecture make this database can easily handle big volumes of data and make communication between server and client easier.

  • Express: It is a minimal and flexible node.js web application framework.  It’s the backend part of the MEAN stack for building scalable web applications.

  • AngularJS: It is a front-end JavaScript framework which is developed by Google.  It can extend HTML vocabulary for your application.  Quick to develop and readable.

  • Node.js: It is a JavaScript-based run-time environment for simply building rapid, scalable network applications.  It has a good number of open source libraries and components.


Advantage of MEAN stack

Overall, MEAN stack is designed to provide an organized and fast way to develop web apps with pre-bundled and configured modules.  With so many talented developers to improve MEAN stack, MEAN stack technology has already been used by more and more companies around the world.  Besides, being familiar with MEAN stack not only improve your competitiveness but also increase the chance of getting a higher salary since this technology is promising and positively evaluated.



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