Overview of Docker

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  • On June 6, 2019

What is Docker?

Before talked about Docker, we need to briefly introduce containers first. A container is a standardized part of software. It provides a more flexible way to handle virtualization more agilely since it is lightweight and include all the code. Containers can save developer’s time to pack the application instantly due to everything is included, the software code, system libraries, settings, etc. To satisfy with the increasing needs of cloud nowadays, many large companies tends to containerize their applications to easily handle multiple environments.

Docker is an open-source technology to enable developers to create, deploy and run any applications faster and easier by containerization on cloud. The portability enables developers to run applications anywhere or move to another new environment conveniently. Besides, using Docker enables developers to isolate applications in containers to make sure the security of code.

Benefits of using Docker

1. Security is better. 
2. Performance is better.
3. Higher server efficiencies and lower server cost
4. Standardize the infrastructure so it can be portable everywhere.

Who use Docker?

Citizen bank
Liberty Mutual Group
Indiana University

Source of the materials: 
Containers vs. VMs: What’s the difference?



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