Overview of Vue.js

  • Posted by deploy
  • On May 18, 2018


    Vue.js is an open-source, small-size JavaScript front-end framework for building user interfaces. It takes very little time to download and use it. Its structure is quite simple, users can trace errors easily based on that. It’s easy to learn and be added to any web project.

    The more exciting is that it can greatly assist developers to integrate with other existing applications built on JavaScript since Vue.js has almost all components so it is not a hard task for integration. Any beginners of JavaScript and HTML can handle it with ease based on its clear and detailed documentation.

    Besides, a number of flexibility is one of the most attractive advantages that make it so popular. It’s easy and comprehensive for developers of Angular.js, and any other new JavaScript framework nowadays. The last amazing feature is its MVVM architecture which is similar to Angular.js. With that, it helps mutual communication well due to the good HTML bocks handling.

    Overall, Vue.js combines some nice features of old framework, it’s an easy-to-learn new framework that worth you to go deep into it.



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